All Purpose Storage Bins

This is for 2 set of Luxorware 3 Piece Storage Organizer Bin Set is designed for multiple storage needs in your home. It can be used in the play room, bedroom, garage, pantry and more. Store kids toy, clothes, housewares and even food items. The bin is designed to be stackable, but can be used as separate bins as well. Create your own aesthetically pleasing arrangement from the multi-color combination. The system comes with three bins each with its own lids. The medium and large lids are interchangeable. For all your small storage needs: Small Bin: 17.5″W X 15.35″D X 8.25″H; Medium Bin: 17.5″W X 16.14″D X 12.2D; Large Bin: 17.5″W X 16.14″D X 16″H.

Easy to access storage, stackable bins or use separately
Multi-color design allows you to customize the color arrangement of your storage system
Design for Kids toys, Clothes , foods and other home goods
Made with Durable ABS Light Weight Plastic
3 useful size combination Small: 17.5″W X 15.35″D X 8.25″H Medium: 17.5″W X 16.14″D X 12.2D Large: 17.5″W X 16.14″D X 16″H